Having paid Mack's ransom to save their wedding, Marlon and Tricia are distraught. Now penniless, they contemplate cancelling their big day all together, as they can't afford a decent reception. They reflect on how they had envisioned The Woolpack to look on their big day, now they'll be lucky to afford a few balloons and a party popper. True to form, Lisa does her best to cheer them up, stressing they'll all rally round to make the wedding work. Zak is insistent the wedding take place as he has invested time and money into organising a Dingle stag-night extravaganza. Marlon is more than a little apprehensive as the evening unfolds and the party gets under way. Desperate not to be caught out by Zak and one of his pranks, Marlon is determined to stay alert. In the pub, Marlon cleverly thinks he has spied a kissogram and sends Paddy to investigate. He is horrified when the heavily made woman hits Paddy - as the real kissogram, dressed as a nun walks in! Marlon is horrified as his cousin Chastity strips off. Zak, Sam and Shadrach look on. But that isn't the only case of mistaken identity that night As the evening unfolds, the Dingles mistake Ashley, the vicar, for Marlon and "abduct" him - throwing him in the back of a van with the kissogram. As the real Marlon weaves unsteadily home, through hazy eyes he spots who he thinks is Tricia and moves in for a kiss. Little does he realise he is kissing his future mother-in-law Steph, and she is responding eagerly. Meanwhile, Zoe's doctor arranges to perform an abortion the following week. She returns from the surgery shaken, but determined to go ahead with the termination.


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Memorable dialogue

Shadrach Dingle: You can still kiss 'er."
Marlon Dingle: "She's me cousin!"
Shadrach Dingle: "No tongues, yeah."

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