It's the morning after the night before and a very hung over Marlon can't remember much. He certainly doesn't know that Paddy and Emily witnessed his steamy encounter with Steph. But as his memory comes flooding back, Marlon turns to Paddy who confirms his worst fears. Meanwhile, Tricia's hen night is proving to be a raging success as the ladies pile out of their limo into the bars of Leeds. As the drinks flow, Steph is having difficulty controlling her jealousy as the women congratulate Tricia on how wonderful Marlon is. Worse for wear, Emily can't hold her tongue any longer as she reveals to Steph that she saw the kiss and knows about her sordid past. Convinced she'll blab, Steph offers to take drunken Emily home, threatening her to keep silent. Drink also gets the better of Viv, who is in her element when the limo driver tells her how attractive she is. While all the other girls dance the night away, she is unable to resist his flirtatious charms and takes him up on his offer in the back of the limo. Back at the village, Marlon nervously approaches Steph to find out what she's playing at. But he isn't prepared for Steph's honesty as she declares he's the man for her and begging him not to go down the aisle with her daughter. True to their word, the Dingles have all rallied round to gather the now unaffordable essentials for Tricia and Marlon's wedding. But they cunningly haven't spent a penny. Gatecrashing another wedding proves to be very profitable indeed, as they swipe all the decorations they can - while the reception is in full swing. Much to the Dingles' amusement, there is still no sign of Ashley - last seen disappearing into the night with a nun in suspenders in the back of a van. Abandoned in the countryside, the vicar and the "nun" wait to be rescued, but will Ashley make it back to conduct the big wedding?


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