Despite his best efforts the previous day, it is clear to Marlon that Steph has not taken the hint. In fact things have taken a turn for the worse and she is now threatening to blackmail him. Marlon decides to play his trump card and asks Alan for help. All hell breaks loose as Alan berates Steph over her obsessive behaviour - it is obviously isn't the first time this has happened. After a few home truths are aired, Alan tells Steph she should move out of the village and demands she leaves the B&B. But Marlon's dilemma isn't over yet. Steph has the cheek to land on his and Tricia's doorstep asking for a bed for the night. Eric finds himself caught between a rock and a hard place as Glynis and Gloria vie for his attention. Both women want to be the integral part of his campaign team - but this is one fight that is sure to end in tears. Zoe, Charity and Chris agree to go riding. Initially Charity is worried that it may be dangerous for Zoe in her condition. But she is unconcerned, citing that she is determined to have an abortion.


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