Zoe is due to attend the abortion clinic today and is feeling particularly vulnerable. As Joseph throws his arms around her she is reminded of her maternal feelings, making it difficult to leave Home Farm. Unbeknown to Zoe, rumours still seem to be centred on Charity being pregnant. Overhearing the idle gossip, Chloe tries to put a stop to the Chinese whispers insisting it isn’t Charity that is pregnant. Village busy bodies Betty and Viv are in their element as they speculate that it must be Zoe. Later at the clinic, Zoe waits alone for her operation. Hiding her anxiety she worries she is making the right decision. Will she go through with it? Ashley goes to Home Farm to see Zoe and Chris tries to fob him off with excuses, but Ashley can tell by Chris's state that there is something up and questions the pregnancy rumour. Chris is shocked that people are aware and quizzes him where he heard the rumour. Ashley is horrified as he learns she is about to abort the baby, believing it would be a huge mistake. Eric’s dirty trick campaign backfires as the evidence they have cunningly unearthed about Ledbetter’s previous conviction turns out to be incorrect and a case of mistaken identity. Sent away with a flea in his ear, Eric is humiliated as Ledbetter proves their claims as slander. Danny reluctantly off-loads the antiques Rodney has bought from a house clearance. As he struggles to get the job done quickly he brings an antique mirror smashing down - it certainly will be seven years bad luck when Rodney gets his hands on him! Marlon is annoyed with himself for allowing Steph to stay, but with Tricia unaware of her advances he had no excuse to say no. But to make matters worse Marlon and Tricia can’t believe their ears when she confesses over breakfast that she's been in prison. It doesn’t take long for Steph to be back at the B&B as Rodney is up to his old tricks again. He has taken a fancy to Steph and when he makes his advances clear she does not rebuff him.


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