Eric summons strength and attempts to tell Glynis the relationship is over. The consequences are disastrous for Eric as hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Angry Glynis loudly reveals she and Eric have been having an affair behind Gloria’s back to the whole Woolpack. Gloria, who knew about the affair and gave it her consent, feigns shock and slaps Eric. But Gloria is furious for a different reason and explains the slap was for ending the affair not having it. Glynis has been instrumental to their political campaign and with out her on side they might as well give up. Steph is making herself at home once again as Nicola trips over a very heavy suitcase in her hallway. Angry Nicola is curious about what’s inside but Steph makes it clear it’s not her business – what is she hiding? She also takes advantage of Rodney’s good nature as she sets up a stall in the antiques barn to sell ‘knocked off’ Halloween gear that she's bought from the Dingles. Angie is enjoying all the male attention, she's been getting recently - first Mack and now Syd and Mack are hot on her tail. Playing hard to get she strings Syd along and then finally gives in, but to his disappointment decides they should go orienteering – not exactly what he had in mind. Scott is getting ever more anxious that Zoe remembers their secret liaison but is relieved when she blanks him, her thoughts are obviously else where. But for how long? Will she suddenly remember? Scott knows he's on borrowed time…


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