A row ensues between Eric and Gloria over who is to blame for their failing campaign. Accepting his decision to end the affair probably means the end of his political career, Eric asserts all that matters is the love he feels for Gloria. Later at a press conference, Eric steels himself to make a statement to the village and reporters. Gloria holds her head high as Eric guiltily announces his terrible mistake and announces the end of his campaign to be an MP, but that he will continue as mayor. Although Gloria's name has been dragged through mud, she announces that she’ll stand by her man. The audience is enthralled by her honesty and courage. Inspired by their reaction Gloria seizes the moment as she stresses - in spite Eric's of infidelity - her devotion to the anti-landfill cause and announces her intention to stand for parliament in his place. She's thrilled when a spontaneous round of applause erupts. Eric's stunned. Syd is bored of going on bike rides, and is up for something different – but Angie is playing hard to get, so he decides to try another tactic. She is amused by his persistence and finally caves into his demands, suggesting they both need a lie down after all that exercise. Katie worries about her lack of money and fears they won’t be able to get married for a long time. Supportive, Andy suggests he take her out to cheer her up. After their evening the issue of sex arises. Katie's anxious as Andy questions if she's okay with this as it's the first time in months. Andy's reassured and makes her promise to tell him if she feels uncomfortable at any stage. Katie appreciates his understanding and they begin to kiss again. Feeling more relaxed with each other Katie takes Andy's hand and begins to lead him upstairs. Brian returns and as the door opens Katie's embarrassed and quickly drags Andy back to the sofa. Andy and Katie share a frustrated look. Zoe is still in the dark as to who the father of her unborn child is. She realises with horror that it could have been any man in the village and is desperate to remember.


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