Gloria assures Eric she is up to the challenge of standing for parliament and informs him of plans to cash in on the publicity they have received. Finding himself suddenly out of the picture, Eric is miffed as all the attention shifts to Gloria. Wasting no time Gloria gets canvassing underway, tackling the locals first. Eric reflects on how much his affair has cost him. Now out of the running for MP, he is still content as he still has Gloria. At the press conference Gloria is subjected to a barrage of questions. But she appears to be a natural and does well against the opposition despite some hefty digs. Eric will have to get used to playing second fiddle, but he can’t help but admire Gloria's slick technique and begins to believe that Gloria could really mobilise the electorate. Katie and Andy have planned a fishing trip - desperate for a bit of quality time on their own, they’re excited as they finally get a bit of piece and quiet. Happy as two peas in a pod, they snuggle up together by the riverside. Zoe is having a bad day. Charity and Chris are concerned that she is refusing to come out of her bedroom. She finally comes to terms with what is happening to her and admits that for the first time she is truly grateful that Charity married Chris, as she doesn’t know how she would have coped without her. Cain is keeping a close eye on Angie and Syd. Jealous of their budding relationship he broods.


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