As Gloria prepares for her first visit to the Town Hall as a prospective candidate, Eric can’t help but think he is being forced to play second fiddle. He quickly notes the gathered press and wonders how they knew he would be there. Gloria, as smooth as ever, turns the press to her advantage and does a deal for a positive magazine article. She doesn’t realise, however, that the press always like two sides to every story. As she busies herself with the job in hand, the reporter gleans some damaging information about Gloria – from an over enthusiastic Betty armed with a megaphone. Paddy and Emily are frantically trying to make last minute arrangements before going away on holiday. Paddy is concerned about leaving Zoe in sole charge of the vets in his absence and calls on Rhona to supervise. Emily's biggest worry, though, is the forthcoming fostering selection result and she can’t help but think that they may not be suitable. Paddy tries to stay strong for her, but admits that he too is scared. Zoe, on the other hand, is still seriously considering having her own unborn child adopted and doesn’t take kindly to what she sees as moral blackmail from outsiders. Trouble is brewing elsewhere as Angie decides to play a dangerous game – making Cain jealous. Knowing that he is watching, she deliberately plants a passionate kiss on Syd. Elsewhere, a strange newcomer to the village is causing a stir.


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