Paddy’s concerns over fostering deepen when Katie delivers an injured cat to the surgery. It's evident that it is the victim of a childish attack. His frustration grows when he challenges Danny and Robert about playing football on the street, only for them to cheek him back and shoot him down in flames. It all becomes too much for him and he eventually tells Emily about his worries. But she isn’t as sympathetic as he hoped and demands to know why he hasn’t mentioned his fears before. With all the talk of Paddy and Emily going away on holiday, Lisa raises the subject of a second honeymoon to Zak. But while she dreams of an exotic break abroad, Zak sets his sights considerably lower. Cain is preoccupied with Syd and Angie and finds the perfect excuse to get even. Zak has discovered that Syd has got the building work at Chez Marlon – he hadn’t even been told they were hiring. The two Dingles put their heads together to come up with a plan to teach Syd a lesson. News of a Peeping Tom keeps Gloria off the front page and sends shockwaves through the village. The strange new visitor at the B&B becomes the centre of the speculation. Meanwhile, Louise is unnerved when Rodney offers her a beautiful gift – but how will Ray react?


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