Cain simmers with jealousy as he once again spies Angie and Syd in a passionate embrace. It's more than he can take and he sets about plotting his downfall. Turning to Ray, Cain hints that Syd has been flirting with Louise and suggests he isn’t the best employee that Ray could find. Ray takes the suggestion on board and fires a veiled threat in Syd's direction. But Cain and Zak have even bigger plans for Syd and, while he is distracted, they steal his van and take it to a deserted field. They then systematically strip it down, bit by bit, with the intention of selling it for scrap to pay for Zak's second honeymoon. Gossip in the village is rife as to the identity of the Peeping Tom – with the focus of the attention falling firmly on the mysterious guest at the B&B. Meanwhile, Louise has cause for concern when she receives a bouquet from a secret admirer. Realising how Ray may react to the gift, Louise decides that she would be best to keep the delivery a secret. She doesn’t bank on Tricia opening her mouth, however, and Ray soon rumbles her. It's a big day for Emily and Paddy as they prepare for yet another crucial fostering meeting with a social worker. But as the questions come thick and fast, it is soon evident that Paddy thinks he may not be ready for the responsibility of fostering.

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