The Dingles revel in Syd’s heartache as he surveys their handiwork on Mack’s van. Knowing exactly who is responsible for the damage, Syd begs Angie to exert some police pressure on the culprits. But trouble is soon brewing when Syd comes face to face with Cain and Zak in The Woolpack. Syd is prepared for a one-man war with the entire Dingle clan, but Angie warns against it. Meanwhile, a stranger spooks Lisa at home. Is it the Peeping Tom – or does the visitor have another reason to scare the Dingles? Ray tries to make amends for his behaviour to Louise after his reaction to the flowers. But she is in no mood for his apology and stubbornly makes her way home from the pub alone. She soon regrets it, however, when she is frightened by a figure lurking in the shadows. Ray and the villagers turn on the stranger at the guesthouse – but how will his explanation for his bizarre behaviour go down with locals? With all this spooking going, it's not hard to forget that it's Halloween and Paddy certainly seems game for a laugh. But after donning his fangs and fake blood, his efforts to scare with a smile backfire. First he shocks Emily with his get-up, and then his efforts to gel with the young trick or treaters are welcomed like a vampire in a blood bank.

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