Beryl calls the police regarding Sharon's disappearance, and Trash panics when he finds out that he is the first suspect.


Amos and Joe discuss Sharon's disappearance and Jack's re-appearance. Matt says the village gossip is that Trash is linked with Sharon's disappearance as he is flashing money around. Sam tries to train his new puppy. Annie wishes that Jack would turn up so that they could sort out the farm. Jack visits his father's grave where he meets Reverend Ruskin who invites him to the vicarage for a drink on Friday night. George discusses his marital problems with the vicar, who also invites the Verneys to meet Jack at the vicarage. Jack has his belongings sent from London. Trash confides that he used to like reading. A policeman calls at the millhouse looking for Trash. Trash panics. Jack informs them that the money Trash has been spending was his. Peggy and Matt discuss plans for Jameson's house. News has reported back to Emmerdale Farm that Jack is in the millhouse. Reverend Ruskin tries to persuade Amos to take on Alison Gibbons, an ex-criminal, as a barmaid but Amos is adamant that he will not. Henry visits Jack who tells him that he rowed with Marian and decided not to go away with her. They drink to the partnership.


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