Zak is firmly in Lisa’s bad-books and has spent the night on the sofa. She tells him in no uncertain terms that their second honeymoon is off as a result of his underhand activities. With his back against the wall, Zak goes cap in hand to Charity in a bid to get his old job back. She is in no mood for listening until Zak tells her that he is doing it for Lisa and not himself. Charity soon lives up to her name and offers to foot the cost of the second honeymoon herself – until he can pay her back. As Gloria prepares to lap up the glory of her article in Horse and House magazine, the reality is about to knock her sideways. The magazine reveals her addiction to alcohol – a scandal that brings more than a few titters from Viv, Betty and company. But as Eric encourages Gloria to draw strength from the article, Gloria is convinced that more skeletons may yet tumble from her closet. Ray is becoming increasingly worried about Louise and confides in Ashley - it is clear that something is bothering her. He assures her that he will always be there for her, a gesture that she appreciates. But she insists that she is still not ready for marriage. As talk turns to the pending calendar, Ray is uncomfortable with Louise's involvement in it in the present climate.

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