Zoe asks Scott if he can drive her to her ante-natal class as she is meeting Ashley there. Scott is anxious but can't think of an excuse, so agrees. The midwife refers to Ashley as the father of the baby, but Zoe snaps and denies he is, leaving Ashley embarrassed. Zoe flippantly reveals she's a lesbian and doesn't know who the father is, as she conceived when she was experiencing a psychotic episode. Scott is uncomfortable as Zoe talks about the class and recalls the look on the midwife's face when she told her Ashley wasn't the father. Scott feels like he's skating on thin ice, wondering if her memory will come flooding back. Later Zoe has a confrontation with a stubborn farmer who disagrees with her methods of treatment. Scott finds himself consoling her as she breaks down. There is a frosty atmosphere between Gloria and Eric. They intend to attend Ledbetter's press conference that afternoon, but fed up of being second in command, Eric refuses to go. His absence doesn't seem to bother Gloria. She has struck up a valuable partnership with the media. After the conference Gloria and Geoff share a celebration drink, they discuss their plan of action if Gloria gets elected as an MP. With Gloria off schmoozing with journalists, Eric is beginning to regret ever getting involved in politics. When Steph offers Viv an olive branch, she snaps her hand off. The two strike up an unlikely partnership. But Viv is treading very carefully, as there are a handful of people that know about her fling with the limo driver and enemies could be fatal for her marriage. Ray is furious that the Daggerts are having difficulty paying their rent. Having given Cynthia an ultimatum he doesn't waste any time in showing some new tenants around. While Danny has wasted no time making himself at home, Nicola is disgusted to find him on the sofa in just his boxer shorts.


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