Scott and Syd have been out on the town, but despite all attempts to drown his sorrows and take his mind of Zoe, Scott can't get over his dilemma. Having sobered up he is quick to turf out his conquest from the night before. Meanwhile, at the Vets Surgery, Rhona has called in sick, leaving Zoe worried as she will have to cope on her own. As the surgery is full, Zoe is rushed off her feet when Scott turns up to drive her on her rounds. Under pressure she snaps at him and sends him away. Edna tests Zoe's patience further when she refuses to let Zoe look at Tootsie who is ill, questioning her diagnosis. Having visited his ex-wife and son in Spain, Bob is a little nervous about seeing Viv as he had stayed away longer than expected. Expecting a hard time he is more than surprised when she showers him with affection. But Viv has got more on her plate worrying about whether Bob has found out about her fling. She is treading on eggshells and it's only a matter of time before someone lets it slip. Angie and Syd have quickly become a cosy couple. He is now the proud owner of a key to the Reynolds house. Angie insists he wait at home for her while she is at work. From a distance Cain watches despising their idyllic set up. Louise has convinced Ray to give the Daggerts another chance to pay up, but Cynthia has had enough of the intimidation and threats. Things get a bit nasty and Ray ends up covered in beer.


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