Steph is being her usual scheming self and has come up with a Christmas scam to fund her festive season. Unknown to Viv she has been pilfering food and drink from the village shop, arranging them neatly into hampers to sell. She pitches her new business interest to Viv who sees the opportunity to rival The Woolpack as a perfect way to get Diane's back up and pinch her customers. Little does Viv know all the stock so far has come directly from her shelves. They decide to toast their new partnership and crack open the champagne. After several glasses of bubbly Steph decides to put the chip pan on with disastrous consequences. Time passes by as Viv confides in Steph about her secret fling with the limo driver. The girls are deep in conversation as the cafe goes up in smoke! Laurel has been cleaning in The Woolpack when she unintentionally earwigs Diane on the phone to Bernice, they are both howling with laughter as Diane tells her who slept with the limo driver on Tricia’s hen night! Only hearing part of the conversation Laurel is enthralled, but hasn’t heard to the guilty party was! Later that day she cannot keep the gossip to herself and is desperate to confide in someone, hoping to find out who did the deed! Soon the whole Woolpack are bickering about the limo driver and his mystery conquest! Cain is becoming more and more obsessed with Angie’s movements, she finds herself denying she knows him to Collins, when she comes across him while on duty. Little does she know that he has been watching her very closely and is unhappy to witness Syd and Angie kiss on her return from work. Zoe finds the friendship she made with Mel in the clinic invaluable as she offers to accompany her to the antenatal classes.


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