Angie has been trying desperately to get hold of Syd but to no avail. He has made himself very scarce and is not turning on his phone. It is clear he is petrified of Cain. When she comes across Cain, she wonders why he looks like the cat who's got the cream, she doesn't realise his smugness is due to his success in scaring Syd off! When Syd finally shows his face at the Reynolds, Angie can't believe her ears, as she expects an apology for disappearing but gets dumped instead! Latisha is angry with Cain for standing her up the night before - he had promised to take her out but not come home at all. When she questions his whereabouts, she starts to see him in a different light. He just tells her off for letting the place get in a mess ordering her to clean up. Latisha tries to smooth things over later but she can't help but notice Cain seems pre-occupied as he looks out of the window to the Reynolds' house. Louise receives some flowers and is surprised to see that the card attached has a quote from the article that Geoff wrote about her. The mystery admirer captivates Tricia, but Louise is not to keen on the attention from the anonymous sender! Later at home Louise feels uncomfortable with Mack in the house, she asks him how long it will take him to complete the conversion. She is anxious about telling Ray about the flowers, worried that he may become jealous. Edna is in uproar about the village's new refuse services! But she'll have to take it up with Jarvis - has she finally met her match? Nicola tells Steph she saw Laurel looking through the mail and suspects she's a thief.


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