Angie hasn't taken the break up with Syd well, she didn't go to work last night! Marc is alone at the Reynolds when Syd turns up to get together his belongings. Caught on the hop, Syd is forced to explain to Marc about the break-up. He feels guilty that he has had to face the music. Collins teases Angie about not turning up to work, questioning whether it was her toy boy giving her trouble - her reaction says it all. He knows he has one over on her and attempts to make a pass at her - insisting if she plays along, he won't tell her superiors! Angie is furious and throws coffee on him. Later, Syd sees Angie and tries to explain but she won't listen to his excuses until he reveals Cain's threats. Both Cain's arrogance and Syd's cowardice horrify Angie as she goes to confront Cain. Cain has been acting very strangely with sudden mood swings. Sam is tip-toeing around him hoping he won't erupt! But they can't understand why he is suddenly a good mood, this worries Latisha. She notices he takes pleasure in seeing Syd and Angie arguing. At The Woolpack, Louise is fed up of being talked about and Ashley comments on how full the pub is compared to usual. It must be due to her new found celebrity status! She is even more alarmed when she opens a mystery package containing some sexy underwear. Ray is not impressed with the mystery package and Louise is starting to worry about his reaction to the unwanted attention. Tricia speculates whether the underwear could be from Ashley as he has had a thing for barmaids in the past! Louise is not taking the matter as light-heartedly, later at home she bolts the door opening it only to Ray, who offers support upon his return. Edna is determined to have it out with Jarvis about the Emmerdale bin saga! Laurel gets caught going through the mail at The Woolpack, Diane thinks she's a thief and she is forced to come clean!

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