Angie is living dangerously – after all the heartache that Cain has caused her family, she still cannot resist the sense of danger that he exudes. The morning after the night before, Angie is appalled by her actions – she finds herself filled with conflicting emotions and cannot help feeling drawn to him. But when Cain leaves, the reality of what she has done begins to sink in. And when Ollie rings and leave a message on her answer phone, Angie is brought firmly back to earth. On Cain's return Angie desperately to tell him that their night of passion was strictly a one off. However, he steadfastly refuses to lose Angie a second time and tries to persuade her to reconsider. Edna's campaign against the wheelybins hits a snag when Jarvis decides to fight dirty. Rodney is delighted when Chris invites him to his anniversary party. Determined to make an entrance with a glamorous lady on his arm he asks Steph to accompany him. But his ego takes a knock when she admits that she has already received her invitation and will be accompanied by a much younger model. With time running out Rodney turns to his little black book for an alternative date. Viv finds herself in a tricky predicament when her efforts to clean her brand new bin go disastrously wrong. After toppling in, her attempts at escapology come to nothing, and Sam is gob smacked when he walks passed and discovers the world's first talking bin.


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