Angie is forced to finally admit that she can’t live without Cain – but realises that they can never have a future together in the village. Cain is stunned by her sudden impetuosity, and even more surprised by Angie's plan to escape. She reveals that she is prepared to cross the line and turn crooked so that the pair of them can escape to a happier future together. Angie eagerly tells him about inside information she has on how the Tate Haulage yard works and how they can use it to their advantage. They then set about planning the perfect robbery – Angie will help Cain steal a Tate van and sell the valuable load to set them up for life! Over at the Tate's dinner party, Rodney and Steph flaunt their dates in front of each other. But Steph clearly has other things on her mind, too, and openly admires Chris and Charity’s possessions. When they aren’t looking, she measures an attractive figurine against he size of her bag and is thrilled to discover that the two are compatible. Charity is amused to hear about Viv’s wheelybin plight, but realises that it could mean an end to their introduction. Edna watches gleefully as she realises she has won the battle of wits with Jarvis and the wheelybins are on their way out. Lisa is growing increasingly angry with Zak for getting them into a financial pickle as Christmas approaches. But will Charity live up to her name when the Dingle clan go cap in hand to her?


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