Cain and Angie put the finishing touches to their heist plan and Cain is excited about the thought of finally being able to start a life with the love of his life. As dark falls, Cain sneaks into the haulage yard and hotwires a loaded van. But as he makes his way to the gates – things start to go wrong. Angie is there waiting for him – but the gates are locked and the key he has won’t open the lock. In a panic, he smashes through the gates and speeds off into the darkness, with Angie close behind. He drives erratically in a bid to make a quick escape. With Angie close behind, he is sure that they can make a getaway. But Cain hadn’t reckoned on what happens next and is stunned to see Angie's car career off the road. Have they gone too far and paid the ultimate price? Steph and Rodney continue to outdo each other at the Tate's dinner party. Danny is intrigued as Steph talks about a rare figurine worth thousands of pounds. Rodney points out that it would be worth three times as much as a pair. As the guests gather to watch Chris and Charity open their presents, Steph steals the figurine. Lisa demands that Zak retrieve the deeds for their home from Charity, not realising that he had given them up in return for the loan that paid for their holiday.


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