Having just arrived back from their holiday, Louise has almost forgotten her nightmare of being stalked when the cryptic text messages begin again. Ray tries to convince her to stay at home, but she is determined to act as normal as possible. Despite pulling a brave face, the bombardment of unwanted attention is having its toll. But the arrival of flowers at The Woolpack with a chilling message does nothing to calm her nerves. She fears the stalker could be any man in the village. Ray does his best to hide his boiling jealousy and tries to be patient and comforting. But there is worse to come and Louise is terrified to discover that someone has been in Mill Cottage, while she's been away. Unable to cope with the intrusion, she decides to call the police. Ray, meanwhile, is growing suspicious of Terry and is sure that he knows something. Paddy and Emily have been bubbling with excitement at the prospect of meeting their first foster child, Jacob. And while they know they have got a lot to learn, they are determined to do the best job possible. As new parents they are forced to learn quicker than they’d envisaged, though, when Jacob refuses to come out of his bedroom. Paddy is impressed when Emily deals with Jacob, it seems to do the trick! Gloria has packed her bags and headed for Westminster, leaving a disillusioned Eric behind. He decides to drown his sorrows in front of the telly and the last thing he expects to see is Gloria. But he has to take a double take when he sees his wife being chatted up on National TV by a familiar face! And just when he thinks things can’t get any worse - Glynis arrives. Zoe is unsteady on her feet at work and takes a heavy fall. Scott is quick to help her to her up, questioning whether the baby is all right. He is shocked that Zoe remains unconcerned.


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