Louise’s theory about the stalker's identity is fuelled when Syd lets it slip that Mack had invited women to stay at Mill Cottage while she and Ray were away. She is horrified to think of strangers in her bed and sees this as confirmation that he is the stalker. Ray comes home to find Louise hysterically stripping their bed linen. Ray is incensed when he hears what Mack has done and insists they must call the police. There is bad news for Zak when Shadrach turns up out of the blue at the Dinlges. He greets Zak warmly, but it is obvious something is wrong. After sharing several cans, Shadrach finally opens up and tells him their father is dying. Zak hasn’t seen Jed for many years after he walked out on the family when he was young. But when Shadrach relays Jed's dying wish – Zak is torn by the request of a reunion. Edna agrees to bite her tongue and do the neighbourly thing by inviting Jarvis round for tea. To her surprise he accepts her offer and downs tools to come over. But the atmosphere's frosty at Edna's cottage, as Ashley, Seth and Jarvis exchange small talk over tea and cake. Jarivs manages to get Edna's back up again, however, when he mentions his idea to build a workshop in his back garden. Sparks fly in Smithy Cottage as Paddy and Emily catch Chantelle trying to sneak her boyfriend up stairs. Laying down the law is difficult for the new foster parents, but they stand firm. Fostering is proving to be a real challenge. Steph teases Viv about the stubble rash she has all over her face from Bob’s moustache! Viv realises the time has come to rid her husband of his lip hair!


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