Bob notes Terry has been missing all night, but on questioning his whereabouts, Bob isn’t convinced by Terry's response. Later that morning, Louise is overcome with relief as Ray returns after a night in jail. She is glad to have him home and warns him not to lose his rag again – she desperately needs him close by. But even with Ray back home, the nightmare is far from over. The stalker kindly reminds Louise he is not backing down and delivers a sinister Christmas present to her door – a decapitated doll. Jarvis seems blissfully unaware of the torment he is causing Edna, but she is quickly becoming convinced that he really is the neighbour from hell! Alan has got his beady eyes on Steph. Convinced she isn’t going to deliver her Christmas hampers on time, he decides to have a quiet fatherly word. Elsewhere, Paddy looses his temper with Chantelle when she drops and breaks their radio. He is so angry that he almost smacks her. Later, he is desperately guilty about his sudden outburst and realises that parenthood is a lot tougher than he’d ever envisaged.


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