Louise is at breaking point - she can no longer take the stalker's bombardment and extreme paranoia is setting in. She sees several men going about their business. They all seem oblivious to the nightmare she is enduring, but she knows in her heart that anyone of them could be responsible for her misery. Ray is angry that Louise has risked her life in confronting Mack, he suggests they move away from Emmerdale and leave their troubles behind. But Louise has too much to lose and is determined not to be driven out of the village she once loved. Tension mounts ahead of the tea dance as the villagers practice their routines in time for the competition. Edna is having a frustrating time, though, and discovers that Len has two left feet. Len is ready to throw the towel in and give up, until Jarvis steps in to lend a helping hand. After a turbulent couple of days, Paddy and Emily bid a deflated good bye to the two foster children.

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