Louise’s nightmare continues when she discovers that the stalker is getting more and more personal. A photograph of her, taken in the village, is delivered to The Woolpack and acts as a stark reminder of just how vulnerable she is. Ray’s anger reaches fever pitch and, desperate to protect Louise from any further abuse, he insists that they should move abroad to escape the fiend. Eric can’t help but feel that his life has stalled since he started playing a distinct second fiddle to Gloria and her political career. Since heading to London, Gloria's silence speaks volumes and Eric grows increasingly annoyed as he is forced to rely on Geoff to update him on her movements. The final straw comes when he sees his wife being interviewed on TV ahead of delivering her maiden Parliamentary speech. Eric decides the time has come to travel to London and confront the problem head on. Terry is settling in at Viv and Bob’s but as the stalker allegations continue to fly, Donna grows increasingly uncomfortable in his presence. Even Bob is feeling the strain of having a lodger, as Terry fails to heed his request to wear a few more clothes while the ladies are around. Ollie and Marc return home from their father's house to find Angie fast becoming a memory and her belongings packed up. Len informs them that he has left her most personal things out for them to sort through. As the final plans are made for the funeral, Sean breaks the news that he won’t be attending. It's more than Ollie can take and she breaks down in front of Danny. But there is worse to come and Marc reveals that he has decided to leave Emmerdale to live with Sean and Tara - leaving Ollie to decide whether she follows suit. Meanwhile, Alan fears that history may be repeating itself as Steph struggles to deliver the Christmas hampers. With her criminal past in mind, he decides its time for a fatherly chat.


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