The shock of reading her own obituary is still fresh in Louise’s mind and Ray feels increasingly unable to protect her any more. Feeling more vulnerable than ever, she starts to seriously consider the idea of escaping the village for good in a bid to find a safe haven away from the stalker. But before the idea can take shape, Louise is spooked when Rodney makes a surprise visit to Mill Cottage. Disturbed by his manner, she flees out of the backdoor and races to the village – realising that he too could be her stalker! Later that evening she tells Ray she is ready to put this nightmare behind her and leave Emmerdale for good. Ray is massively relieved and starts making plans immediately. Refusing to let go of his dream of hidden treasure, Sam is ecstatic with what he finds in Jed’s safety deposit box. Zak is far from convinced, though, when Sam eagerly produces an ancient bank book for an account in Santiago and a newspaper clipping about a daring back raid! But when Lisa goes wild with rage after getting wind that Zak missed his court date for the TV licence – the idea of a trip to Santiago suddenly seems like a very tempting idea. Meanwhile, the village is awash with colour as Viv and Tricia go head to head in the battle of outrageous Christmas decorations!


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