Having been forced out of the village she loves by her stalker, Louise is eager to leave as soon as possible. And given the misery that she has suffered in Emmerdale, nowhere is far enough away. The last place she was at peace was on holiday in Tuscany – a new life there seems a great option. Ray tells Louise he has booked flights for Christmas Day, and she is relieved that the ordeal will soon be over. Diane is saddened to lose a good friend and business partner under such tragic circumstances. But Louise stands firm, explaining that she can’t bear to spend the rest of her life looking over her shoulder. However, her nightmare continues. Louise innocently answers The Woolpack phone, only to discover that the fiend is now hounding her at work too. Despite warnings from the police, she dials 1471 and rings the number. A petrified Louise stays on the line – and is horrified to discover that the call was made from the village phone box. In the café, Bob asserts that Terry’s recent behaviour has led everyone to think he is the stalker, he feels he has no choice but to ask him to leave for the sake of his family. Dejected and rejected, Terry shelters in the Cricket Pavilion, looking on Mill Cottage and the village in despair. Meanwhile, Laurel tries to drum up some Christmas cheer. She is intent on rounding up the locals to support her Christmas choir – but everybody seems to be making themselves scarce. Jack is puzzled as Victoria is acting strangely. She seems preoccupied by her new friend Walter – as yet unseen by Jack.


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