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Louise is terrified that a battered and bloodied Ray is now in her house threatening her. She tries to distract Ray by questioning why he hounded her. But Louise has come this far and is determined to end her nightmare once and for all. She summons all her courage to face her enemy - the result is fatal. Nothing could prepare Louise for the horror she feels when she realises she has killed Ray. Although she is overwhelmed with guilt, the feeling of relief is greater. Louise's saviour finally arrives at Mill Cottage. She is exasperated as she confides in him what has happened. They decide to make it look like an accident, as Louise could be charged with murder if the police found out the truth. They decide to join the party at Home Farm and make it appear that she has been around all day. Louise sneaks into the Tate's struggling to keep a brave face as the Christmas celebrations commence. Zak is busy organising his trip to South America, Sam listens intently thinking they he will at his dad's side throughout the adventure. Zak however doesn’t have the heart to tell him he’ll be going on his own. Walter, Victoria’s imaginary friend, has been eating all the biscuits again at the Sugdens. Jack decides to tries and let his daughter down gently, to no avail.


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  • Final appearance of Seamus Gubbins as Ray Mullan.
  • This special Boxing Day episode was broadcast at the later time of 8.00pm.
  • A dark, ominous piece of music is used in the scenes leading up to Ray's death.
  • This episode was included on the following commercial releases:
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 10,330,000 viewers (15th place).
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