Ray’s death sends shockwaves through the village and Emmerdale is awash with policemen as the boys in blue cordon off Mill Cottage. Crowds of locals quickly gather to watch and speculate as to how they spent their final hours. Louise is feeling alone and vulnerable and the blood drains from Louise's face as the police ask her to accompany them to the police station for questioning. She reluctantly agrees – convinced they can see straight through her façade. Zak finally plucks up the courage to tell Lisa he is going to go in search of Jed’s lost fortune, but she brushes it off as merely a joke. Despite her reaction, Zak forges ahead with his plan to save the family by finding the lost Dingle fortune. The fierce rivalry to win the dance competition proves a small distraction from the events at Mill Cottage and Viv and Edna are at loggerheads about who will take first place tomorrow. Paddy and Emily continue to enjoy the company of young Debbie and feel as though they are making good progress with her.


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