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Nicola is determined not to let Neil out of her sight and insists that he join her for dinner later in the day. But as Syd warns Neil that she can be a bit of a handful, he makes it perfectly clear that he is just out for a bit of fun and isn’t looking for a serious relationship. And Steph comes to his rescue when she ignores Nicola's words of warning to stay away and returns home slightly worse for wear – interrupting Nicola and Neil. He's grateful for the diversion and makes a sharp exit. Viv is revelling in the gossip following Zak’s departure and speculates on why he would abandon his family. Lisa is ashamed to find herself lying – unable to reveal the outlandish truth about Zak chasing a lost fortune. As she and Sam retreat to The Woolpack they are greeted with sniggers and whispering – until Cain makes an unexpected yet dignified defence of his father and the Dingle family. Laurel is upset after her disastrous efforts behind the bar and Diane is forced to let her down gently. And Marlon decides to put Tricia under tight surveillance in a bid to make her keep her New Year's resolution not to spend money they haven’t got.


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