Louise starts to feel pressure as the police begin asking probing questions, Steph and Nicola's game of wits escalates and Tricia plays a trick on Marlon to make him break his resolution.


Following Cain's defence of the family's reputation in The Woolpack, there is a harmonious unity within the Dingle camp. Marlon and Charity remember that they are Dingles and - not believing that Zak is on a treasure hunt on the other side of the world - call round to see if Lisa is coping. Charity even assures Lisa that she won't press for her to pay off their debts immediately, but does make it clear that the money won't be written off for good. Having won the first round of the battle of wits with Nicola, Steph decides to go for the killer punch and try to steal Nicola's trophy boyfriend. She convinces him to join her for lunch and delights on being all over him - just as Nicola enters the pub. The proceeding slanging match between the two women is more than Neil can take and he decides he's had enough - of both women! As the police continue to investigate the death, Louise starts to wonder if she can throw the police off the scent. But paranoid that they may become even more suspicious of her, she drags in an accomplice to help cover her tracks. And Tricia is suffering from shopping withdrawal as Viv flaunts a new outfit from the January sales.


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