The cracks are starting to appear, as Louise is under immense pressure from the police. They suspect murder and begin to look for a motive. Louise is terrified as they ask her to meet them at Mill Cottage for further questioning. But just the thought of returning the scene of the murder is enough to make her physically sick. As the police remove the cordon, the cottage is exactly how they left it and bitterly cold. Blood is still on the stairs, and in her mind's eye the body is still in a dishevelled heap at the bottom - will she ever be free of his haunting image? As Rodney opens the Antiques Barn for the first time in the New Year, he is determined to turn over a new leaf - one that doesn't include Steph's bric-a-brac alongside his quality merchandise! But it appears Steph doesn't have the same New Years resolutions, as she has already set up a stall - selling leftover Christmas tat! The knock-off Christmas decorations are hardly attracting the clientele that Rodney favour, leaving him determined to have her moved on! But his subtle words fall on deaf ears - forcing him to take drastic action! With the dance competition looming, Len's two left feet haven't improved and Edna is far from happy at the prospects of coming last! Outside the hall, Jarvis hears the music and can't help but take a peak, he winces when he sees Len's lack of grace and decides to lend a hand. Meanwhile, Laurel is sick of being single - she has a big night out in mind and has her lucky pants on in anticipation, as she goes off clubbing!


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