Jarvis gives Len a helping hand in preparation for the dance competition, and Rodney takes matters into his own hands in order to rid himself of Steph.


Busybody Viv tries to pull a fast one on Len, convincing him it would be better to drop out of the dance competition, rather than to let Edna down. Although Jarvis and Edna don't see eye to eye, he isn't prepared to stand back and let Len be bullied. He offers more dance lessons, determined to get him into shape before the competition - little does he know Len is a hopeless case! The rivalry is fierce at dance practice. Viv is so determined that she is going to win; she is prepared to put money on it! Not to be outdone or made a fool of, Edna accepts her challenge, and a wager is soon in place! Steph can't believe her eyes when she sees that Rodney has carried out his promise and all of her stock has been thrown out of The Antique Barn! For once, her girlish charms do not affect as her appeal falls on deaf ears. But her eviction brings worse news for Nicola - as Dale View is now home to a stack of old Christmas decorations. Laurel's bed hasn't been slept in all night! And things still aren't looking up for the Dingles who lurch from one financial struggle after another. It doesn't help matters when Cain hands Lisa the TV licence fine!


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