Betty is intrigued by her Edna's stubborn enthusiasm for the dance contest and it is clear she is more determined than ever to win it. Finally admitting her reputation, and money, is on the line, Edna is even prepared to put her strong morals aside to get the better of Viv Hope - putting Len under more pressure than ever! Len thinks all the extra tuition has paid off until his confidence gets the better of him as he tries a tricky move and his ankle buckles - throwing them both to the floor! The Dingles financial problems are escalating and Charity continues to hold the deeds to their house to cover the debts they owe her. Lisa swallows her pride and accepts another loan from Charity, much to the rest of the family's distaste. Cain is furious and decides to take matters into his own hand and pays her a visit at Home Farm. Laurel is worried her mobile is on the blink when she hasn't had a call from her new man, Paul. Betty is worried she is setting herself up for a fall after their one-night-stand. Meanwhile, Emmerdale hasn't seen the last of Steph's Christmas tat as she decides to rival Rodney's trade in the form of a car boot sale!


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