Len hasn't got the heart to tell Edna he won't be competing in the dance competition and her archenemy, Jarvis, will be taking his place! He tentatively tries to broach the subject, but at the first mention of Jarvis's name Edna begins spitting feathers! Cowardly assuring Edna he is fine to compete, Len tells her to get changed as they are going to the competition after all! Len fears for his life, as he anticipates the wrath of Edna when she claps eyes on Jarvis with his dancing shoes on. Will Edna go through with the competition, or will her stubborn streak prevail and let Viv win the competition? Sam has been trying his best come up with some cash to save the Dingle clan from financial ruin. But betting tips from Seth has lost him practically his entire life savings! With his last few pennies, Sam decides to try his luck again in the bookies, and his luck finally changes for the better, and he lands a big winner. News quickly spreads of Sam's win at the bookies, and the Dingles all gather eagerly to see the colour of his money! But they are in for a shock… Times are tough at the Antiques Barn as the customers seem to have disappeared since Steph left. With no cash flowing through the tills, Rodney is forced to lay Danny off. Later in the village, entrepreneur Steph takes Danny on as a recruit to set up stalls for an Emmerdale car-boot sale the following day.


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