Steph's car boot sale is a roaring success while Rodney's antique barn is empty. He is miffed as there isn't a soul about, compared to the hustle and bustle that is gathering around the stalls in the street. Danny and Steph are having great fun parting people with their cash; they agree to bury the hatchet and let bygones be bygones. Rodney is forced to swallow his pride and accept that Steph did enhance his profit margins. They agree to work with each other again - with Danny in tow. Being Farm Manager, Jack has been given the gruelling task of debt collecting on the Tate's behalf. Wilf Butler is three months behind with his rent and Chris is in no mood to be charitable. Brian also gets a shock when he experiences Chris's mood first hand. He finds himself jobless after an attempt to negotiate a better salary! Cain thinks he has the answers to the Dingle's prayers. Having stolen a van full of hens destined for a battery farm - he reckons that they will provide more income than Sam's offering! The dance competition saga is still strong in the memory of Len, while Edna is forced to see Jarvis in a new light.


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