Louise is sour with Terry when he comes round to check on her. She comes round when Terry explains his actions, and assures her that it'll work out. Chris is still hunting for Jack. Brian continues to try get into his good book by telling Chris what he wants to hear. Louise worries that Ashley will find out the truth. DI Dove visits Laurel and gets her to go back over her story. Seth tries to help Laurel remember. Brian tells Jack that Chris is looking for him. Jack says Chris will have to wait and gets in his car, as Brian smirks. Ashley visits Louise about the funeral arrangements. Louise becomes overwhelmed and Ashley suggests they go over it another day. DI Dove visits Chris and asks after Zoe. Terry is uncomfortable when Chris tells him that DI Dove clearly think Louise is lying. DI Dove goes to visit Louise. Scott meets Viv for a drink and Vim embarrasses him in front of Chloe. Chloe teases Scott and Viv makes a dig at her. Jack finally comes to see an angry Chris. Chris confronts Jack and Jack fights back, quitting his job in the process. Louise arrives but DI Dove asks to meet her at Mill Cottage about a few discrepancies in her story. Jack tells Brian and Katie that he's quit his job. Chloe tells Scott that she's going on a hot date - with him. Ollie bursts into tears and kicks Danny out when he drops her mother's photograph. Diane tells Louise that DI Dove asked her about Louise's relationship with Terry. Danny is having second thoughts about his relationship with Ollie but Len puts them right. Scott invites Chloe to stay the night, they kiss. Louise tells Terry about DI Dove wanting to meet her at Mill Cottage and panics, believing that DI Dove will charge her with murder.


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