Zoe goes on a mad dash to the hospital, Louise realises how little she knew about Ray when his brother turns up, and Katie receives shocking news.


At Home Farm, Chloe is on labour watch - but heavily pregnant Zoe can’t stand being mollycoddled. But when the expectant mum doubles up in pain with back spasms, she fears the contractions may have started early. Having avoided contact with Zoe as much as possible, Scott is suitably annoyed when Chloe instructs him to deliver Zoe to hospital. But drawn by curiosity about his unborn child, he reluctantly agrees. But the contractions prove to be nothing more than a false alarm and an embarrassed Zoe is left to explain as much to Chris and Charity who race to see her. Charity seizes the moment, however, and reveals a few painful truths about her own experiences with motherhood. As Ray’s funeral arrangements are finalised, Louise is forced to face her stalker's family when his brother, David, turns up in Emmerdale. She finally realises how little she knew about Ray, as he never spoke of family and David has a surprise in store for Louise when he reveals details of his dead brother's will. Getting into mischief, Debbie makes a beeline for the Dingles and takes a shine to a runt piglet and Katie gets some shocking news that her father's career plans do not involve staying in Emmerdale. Devastated, she tells Andy they may be leaving the village for pastures new.


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  • Two nurses are uncredited despite lines of dialogue.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 11,010,000 viewers (10th place).
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