Louise feels the pressure on the day of Ray's funeral, and Katie is forced to choose between Brian and Andy.


On the morning of Ray’s funeral, Louise is struggling to cope as the village prepares to pay their respects. Following the funeral procession into the church, Louise is tries to remain calm, there is an eerie silence as only three people have turned up to pay their respects – was she the only person that couldn’t see through him? Paranoid her darkest secret is becoming transparent, Louise struggles to keep up the pretence. The funeral finally tips her over the edge and, unable to suppress her guilt any longer, she prepares to confess all to the police. Zoe is still embarrassed about her false alarm and feels guilty that Charity and Chris have put their business on hold in anticipation of the birth. She persuades them to take a short break. Before they leave, however, they must try to convince Jack to return to his job as estate manager. Brian tells Katie he has taken the job offer in Newcastle. She is forced to make the choice between her father and Andy. Debbie has been getting into mischief again, as Emily finds her out of school, playing truant. Paddy and Emily have unknowingly extended their fostering services - Debbie has smuggled the baby runt into the house.


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