Louise hopes for closure when she scatters Ray's ashes and sells the house to his family, Chloe grows frustrated with Zoe's demands and Katie is desperate to stay in the village.


With Ray laid to rest, Louise is desperate to put her nightmare behind her and move on. But that is easier said than done with the newly inherited Mill Cottage serving as a permanent reminder of the hell she shared with Ray. Desperate to cleanse herself of any reminders of him, Louise decides to sign the house over to his family and eagerly accepts Diane’s offer for her to move back to The Woolpack. At Home Farm, it is clear that Zoe and Chloe are driving each other round the bend. Neither of them wants to be in each other's company, and Zoe is sick of all the fussing. She is convinced that everyone is trying to change her mind about the adoption, and when the midwife asks if she has bought anything for the baby, her thoughts are confirmed. Tricia’s hints to set another date for a second attempt to tie the knot fall on deaf ears. Although Marlon has a holiday in mind, it isn’t a honeymoon. Paranoid that Marlon has gone off the idea entirely – she decides to take matters into her own hands. Debbie’s white lies are catching up with her as she relays outlandish stories to a disbelieving audience. When Paddy and Emily tell Debbie the piglet has to go, she is quick to turn on the waterworks and begs for the runt to be allowed to stay. Meanwhile, Katie is determined to stay in Emmerdale despite the fact that Brian has accepted the job offer in Newcastle. Seeing a possible way forward and the chance for them to stay together, Andy tentatively broaches the subject of her moving into their home.


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