Andy's birthday night out goes badly wrong, Tricia throws Marlon off the scent as she continues to plan their secret wedding and Zoe takes action as her mental health deteriorates.


On the morning of Andy’s birthday, Robert finds an unopened card from Andy's real father, discarded in the bin. Having opened all his presents, Andy is chuffed when Jack reveals that he has bought him some driving lessons and has organised his theory test for that same day. Robert puts his foot in it by asking Andy to open the card from his father - Andy obliges but throws it straight in the bin. Later that evening they all prepare to go clubbing. Katie falls behind the others on the way to the club as she tries to call Andy to see if he passed his test. Suddenly alone as all the others race off, Katie is horrified when she is mugged for her mobile phone by a gang of youths. But she is more horrified to discover that Stephen seemingly knows them. As the gang runs off, Stephen is quick to step in to see if Katie is all right, she flinches for a second realising he was with the gang. She is cautious as he explains he was helpless to intervene and promises to get her phone back. Zoe is still tormented by the sounds of a baby crying in her head. Struggling to cope, she tries to drown out the sounds by listening to her Walkman full blast. But when Ashley calls round to see her she finds it difficult to hide her emotions and breaks down, explaining she thinks she is having a relapse. Ashley is stunned when she reveals she is thinking of admitting herself back into the clinic and goes to pack. But Chris is less than sympathetic to her cause and is visibly angry at the thought of Zoe needing treatment again. Marlon is suspicious, as Tricia has gone quiet on the wedding front. Little does he know that her sudden interest in their holiday, however, is with good reason. Spotting that Tricia is clearly up to something, Steph quizzes her daughter as to why she's letting Marlon have his way all of a sudden. Bubbling with excitement, she struggles to keep the secret from her mother, admitting she is planning a secret wedding for Valentine's Day.


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