Katie is still shaken after being mugged and to make matters worse, tension is building between her and Andy as the idea of living together is taking some getting used to. Their latest argument is interrupted by a knock at the door, and Andy is stunned to see Stephen has retrieved Katie's mobile from the gang, explaining he knew the lads who stole it. But Andy is furious to discover that Katie lied to him and knew all along that Stephen was involved in the mugging. As a few home truths are aired, it becomes apparent that, although they are engaged and living together, there is a lot they don’t know about each other. They resolve to sort out their differences and make their relationship work. At Home Farm, Chris contemplates whether the clinic is the best place for Zoe as she could just be suffering from postnatal depression. Charity assures him she will be fine. Changing the subject, Chris puts the pressure on Charity to reclaim the Dingles debt to them. His sudden interest in her family's finances annoys her as he accuses Lisa of bleeding them dry. But Charity resolves to get a call in their debts, regardless of her family ties. Unfortunately, things are looking grim on the financial front at the Dingles, and Lisa is forced to eat humble pie and ask Charity for more time. Debbie is curious to know why Cain hates Charity so much and becomes intrigued when he calls her a traitor. Sam has struck gold with his chickens, who have laid an abundance of eggs. The only problem is that he has to sleep in the hen house to encourage them to lay!


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