Lisa doesn’t thank Cain for reminding her that they could lose their house if they don’t keep up their mortgage repayments. But the bank isn’t the only ones who have got their eyes on their land. Chris is secretly hoping the Dingles can’t repay their debts as he has plans to develop their land, along with Pollard’s Factory and the Reynolds house. Lisa is forced to go on a begging mission to Home Farm. She pleads for extra time to settle their debts, leaving Charity frustrated as the pressure mounts from Chris. Expecting the third degree from Chris, Charity is surprised when he seems quite glad the Dingles are unable to repay their debt. When he unveils his plans to develop the land, though, Charity is furious – not least because he is doing it behind her back. But when Chris offers her an ultimatum asking her to choose between the Dingles or the Tates, she is forced to get tough and tells Lisa they are soon to be evicted for defaulting on their mortgage payments. Katie’s move into the Sugdens’ has been far from smooth, and she is growing increasingly frustrated as her belongings are seemingly going walkabout. Sharing a room with Victoria is enough to try anybody’s patience, and she soon finds the entire contents of her makeup bag plastered all over Victoria’s face. Jack suggests that Stephen should take Andy on as an apprentice while his father is ill. But neither boy is happy with the idea as they don’t see eye to eye. With her mother sadly long gone, Ollie cares little when she receives a letter detailing her substantial inheritance and Len receives some shock news via the post too - a letter from an estate agent offering them £250,000 to sell their house to a mystery, anonymous buyer.


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