Charity confides in Zoe as she tries to make sense of Cain’s revelation. She's finding it hard to cope with the pressure she's under. Unable to believe Cain's accusation, Zoe tries to brush it off as scare tactics – but Charity is not so sure. The more she thinks about it, the more she is convinced Debbie could be the daughter she gave up nearly 13 years ago! Having built a marriage based on trust, friendship and business, Charity fears it may all come crashing down if Chris learns the truth about Debbie. Desperate to keep the secret under wraps, she begs Zoe to set aside her family loyalties and not to tell Chris. Having recently begun proceedings for adoption herself, Zoe understands her predicament and agrees. Lisa can hardly believe her eyes when Charity visits and gives them back the deeds to the house. Blissfully unaware of Cain's blackmail tactics, Lisa thinks Charity has finally come to her senses and is deeply grateful. With Syd immobile for a while, Nicola is left with baby-sitting duties. She is reluctant at first, as they haven’t seen eye to eye since he did the dirty on her. But as they settle in for the evening, she is surprised that they are getting on better than expected, and with Syd laid up in bed – there's no running away! Sam survey's his egg empire, having finally encouraged his chicken's to lay – he has an abundant supply! But there are only so many eggs one family can eat, so he decides to try out his entrepreneurial skills. Emily is surprised as Sam proves to be a tough negotiator and she ends up looking forward to the prospect of omelettes for a week!


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