Lisa is still puzzled and overwhelmed that their financial worries have dramatically disappeared overnight. With the deeds to their house back in safe hands, things are beginning to look up. Meanwhile, at Home Farm, Chris is none the wiser as Charity does a great job of concealing her turmoil. He's furious, though, when he learns she's given the Dingles back their land. Chris's attempt to intimidate the Dingles backfires on Charity, when Cain decides to tell Debbie her real mother is closer than she thinks. Debbie arrives at Home Farm in a desperate bid to meet her real mother. Just when Charity thinks the ordeal is over – she comes face to face with the girl who could be her daughter. Having spent a few cosy evenings in with Syd, Nicola hopes they can rekindle their passion. But she mistakes Syd’s inability to move as him wanting to cuddle up to her on the sofa! How wrong she is. When Syd suggests he's feeling better and fancies an evening out with the lads, Nicola has other plans. Unsteady on his feet, Syd tries to make a sharp exit. But when Nicola offers a helping hand he finds himself in a heap on the floor. He quickly realises resistance is futile! Meanwhile, Tricia is busy rounding up the troops as she plans to pull off her surprise wedding. Diane sneakily asks Marlon to do the catering for a Valentine's Day party in The Woolpack. Little does he know he will be cooking for guests at his own wedding reception!


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