While Chris and Charity tear each other to shreds, Zoe sits with Debbie in the next room at Home Farm. Zoe does her best to cover for Charity and diplomatically answers questions about why Charity might have lied. Debbie's world has just fallen apart, and Zoe is left trying to pick up the pieces. Charity finally comes to her senses and realises she can’t just throw Debbie out – she deserves an explanation. But when Debbie asks questions about her father, it is all too much for Charity, and she quickly tells her he is dead. Charity is keen to keep the truth about Debbie from the village, and takes her aside insisting this is their little secret – not even Paddy and Emily must find out. Chris feels betrayed when he realises Zoe knew Charity had given up a baby when she was a teenager. Troubled, he sees his wife in a new light. He realises she's a good liar and wonders what other skeletons she has in her closet. With Valentine's Day looming, Nicola is convinced she can persuade Syd to be her date. Syd's worried as his injuries mean he's a sitting duck who is helpless to Nicola's advances. Edna decides she’ll no longer bear grudges and finally agrees to dance in the National finals, although she doubts they’ll get through the first round because she thinks Jarvis lacks grace!


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