As the dust settles at Home Farm, Chris panics, convinced Debbie won’t keep Charity’s secret. Determined not to let the revelations of the past days rock his world, he demands to know what Charity is going to do about the situation. But Charity is determined to get Debbie out of her life as quickly as possible as she has no maternal feelings what so ever. She knows she will have to tread carefully or the whole village could find out! Having agreed to meet Debbie and take her out for a drive, Charity puts on a brave face, as she prepares to let Debbie down gently. Meanwhile, Debbie's adoptive mother, Pat has taken a turn for the worse in hospital and is asking to see her daughter. Having played truant from school to spend the day with Charity, Debbie receives further bad news. Social services have called to request she move closer to her adoptive mother – meaning she must leave Emmerdale. Debbie fears she is losing her adoptive mother, but has just found Charity and is now being forced to move away. Emily mistakes her tears for remorse over Pat's illness. Meanwhile, in the pub, Marlon is more confused than ever as he sees Diane giving Bob a Valentine's card, and urges him to keep the contents a secret! Having reluctantly agreed to take part in the regional dance final with Jarvis, Edna is nervous about the prospect of staying away from home, on the first anniversary of Batley’s death.


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