Marlon wakes up with a sore head, but the already dull ache is made worse when he realises he still hasn’t told Tricia about Steph’s advances. A hangover from hell doesn’t help his paranoia, as Marlon is more convinced than ever that Steph is up to no good, as she kept trying to get him drunk last night. Confiding in Paddy, Marlon expresses his fears that Steph is trying to split him and Tricia up again. Paddy does his best to reassure his friend, that although Steph is acting out of sorts, he has nothing to worry about and persuades him to keep his trap shut for now! Meanwhile, Tricia has her dilemma, having sold her dress to pay for the wedding, she decides she has nothing to wear, as she despairs at her wardrobe. It's the road to independence for Andy as he passes his driving test. Eager to share his news with Katie he rushes home only to find she is out with Stephen. Chloe and Scott seem to be spending more and more time together but are both in denial that their feelings for each other are active again. Bob is determined to inject a little romance it to their relationship, organising a candlelit dinner for himself and Viv. Wanting the perfect setting to give his beloved an eternity ring, Bob orders champagne and discretely drops the ring into the bottom of her glass. As they raise their glasses to toast their relationship, Viv gets a lump in her throat – but not the emotional kind, as she swallows the ring!


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