Marlon is in for a huge Valentine's surprise.


It's Valentine's Day and Marlon wakes to find a card on the doormat from Tricia. As he opens the card, he realises what a special girl he has, wanting nothing to come between them. Despite all Paddy’s warning not to upset Tricia, Marlon is more determined to speak to Tricia about Steph before it is too late! However Tricia is no where to be found, as she is getting ready for the wedding in The Woolpack back room. It's the icing on the cake for Tricia, when Steph turns up with an early wedding present to make her day complete. Things are finally falling into place for Tricia - all she has to worry about now is whether Marlon will say yes. Meanwhile, in The Woolpack, it is time for Tricia's Valentine's surprise. Diane holds Marlon down as Paddy blindfolds him. As they bundle him into the church, he takes off his blindfold to see Tricia – every inch the radiant bride. Convinced he's dreaming, he has to pinch himself to see if he's awake! As he opens his eyes, Tricia is still standing there staring straight back at him. Unable to take the suspense the entire congregation, who have been listening at the door burst in. But Tricia and Marlon are oblivious to the rapidly increasing audience as they share a passionate kiss. After the service, Marlon is relieved as all the strange behaviour suddenly makes sense. Who else could have would insist on a cake made of marshmallow for a Valentine's party? Just when Tricia thinks all the secrecy is over, Marlon reveals he too has a Valentine's surprise up his sleeve – one that will allow the happy couple to sail off into the sunset in style!


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